UPDATE: I am selling most of my adult Peafowl. They are in their prime most being 3-4 yrs of age. I will be selling trios of one Peacock with two like color hens. I will have eggs for sale until the adults are gone. I will not have any chicks available since I will not be incubating any eggs. Only selling hatching eggs this year, but no chicks..

1. Violeta BS Cock. Violeta Pied hens: $2000 for trio.

2. DK PIED IB White Eye Cock, with a IB and IB Pied hens: $1500 for trio.

3. A Purple hen $500

I will delete them as they sell… Text or call if you are interested in ordering the adults:

Tina 816-682-0265





email:      jordanfarms@yahoo.com

Peafowl lay from April to Sept. That is the time frame we generally have chicks available. Contact us today about placing your order.

This is a mixed pen of rare colors so we get PURPLE,  PURPLE PIED, IB, IB PIED, SONJA’S VIOLETA, SONJA VIOLETA PIED, SILVER PIED, or WHITE, or birds split amongst these colors. There are both regular “wild” shouldered and black shouldered birds in this pen. I have also gotten a silver Pied chick from these birds, which means the white eye gene is in this flock as well.
Purple Peacocks have a purple color to their feathers when the sun hits them… The color is a royal blue with a purple sheen to it…There is purple in the eyes and they get pinkish fringes on their feathers in late summer.

Sonja’s Violeta color is explained at bottom of page… and see pics. Very Rare New color…

Pied is a blue or purple bird with white markings… White is pure snow white… I have a male of each color and females of same coloring.  The 4 Peacock males are in with 10 females in one enclosure so every hatch is a surprise as to colors. The blue dark pied is split to purple and purple male is split to white so purple pied are also possible. Did you know you can get some solid whites from Pieds… Now you know…. My favorite is the “loud pied” which has about 50% or more white mixed through out the colored bird.  Here is a IB loud Pied:



Gorgeous color and top quality stock.

Eggs: All Peafowl eggs we sell are $35 each. After your first order you get a loyalty discount of $5 per egg for any future orders if ordering at least 4 eggs. So you would get each egg for $30 from then on. We only send an extra egg if you buy at least 5 eggs. We recommend buying 8 or less so we can be sure they are within the 3  days of being laid at shipping.

The eggs you pay for will be 3 days or less from day laid, any extras might be a day or two older.  I will mark any extras as to when they were laid if over 3 days old. No guarantees on fertility although our percentage that we have incubated have been high, probably because we have several males. I stop sending eggs when males drop their trains around September because the percentage of fertile eggs will start to go down at that time. At that time I only hatch chicks so any possibly infertile eggs are not sold. If you are still waiting at that time for your egg order, you can get a refund or wait until following year or put your egg money towards chicks I hatch out into October. Eggs to be collected and shipped at the beginning of week so eggs do not get stuck at a post office over weekend.

Peahens lay in clutches and then will take a break before laying another clutch. If females take a break in laying I will ship eggs when they start back up again to make sure the ordered eggs are within 3 days of being laid at shipping. I will text or email you tracking number when they are shipped. After you pay please send me your phone number to write on your package so post office will call you to go get your eggs when they arrive. You need to make sure your address is correct on your paypal and ebay account for me to ship your eggs to before you purchase them. DON’T FORGET: I ALSO NEED YOUR PHONE NUMBER to write on package for your Post Office to call you for pick up when they arrive there.

Eggs Shipping is $20 if 6 or less eggs and $25 if 7 or 8 eggs. This includes USPS insurance for the cost of eggs. We do not deal with insurance claims. so if you have broken eggs, lost parcel, or late delivery you will need to contact USPS online to get your insurance claim paid to you. We will text you a photo of your receipt at shipping. Shipping Priority mail lower 48 states only. Because of the fragile nature of embryos and the many things that cause unseen damage during shipping such as temps, jostling, and x-rays, we do not guarantee they will develop for you. In my opinion chicks are safer way to go, but we will sell and ship you eggs if you like.

Please note:  Shipping costs include postage and premium packaging/padding materials and USPS insurance.

DAY OLD CHICKS: $75 each, minimum order of 3 if shipping.

ALL Chicks of any age are sold as – Straight Run Chicks: Straight Run Chicks are un-sexed, randomly selected and each chick has a 50/50 chance of being a male or female. I also do not guess colors… I try to work with you and so if you want white chicks I will try to get you what you want but please understand day old chicks are hard to guess color on and a chick that looks white might actually be a black shoulder and vs versa. Same goes for the other colors… So most of the time you are just getting random colors. If chicks are older and are shipping as juveniles price might be different as well as shipping.

Shipping: You will receive a text message when your chicks ship along with tracking info. Chicks usually arrive in the morning 1-2 days later and your local Post Office will call you for pickup. Chicks are never delivered to your home address, even if you used a home address for your shipping address.

Don’t forget to have everything set up for your chicks before they arrive. They will need:

HEAT SOURCE: Baby chicks require heat of about 95 degrees their first week of life. Second week you can lower the temperature to 90 degrees and so on with every week going down 5 degrees until 6-8 weeks old or when they are ready to go “outside”….. If winter months when its time to transition outside you may want to keep a heat lamp in their coop. Any heat lamp needs to be a RED bulb. This will keep them calmer, less stressed, and lessen pecking. Make sure there is not any drafts or cold air blowing  around the chicks’ brooder. A chick that is walking around and pecking and cheaping every now and then is a comfortable chick. A chick that is cheaping very loudly and wont settle down is uncomfortable. See chart below.


BROODER: Bedding should be a non slip surface such as wood chips or sand. But many people, (and I recommend), to keep the peachicks on paper towels for first few days to week so chick does not get confused on thinking wood shavings are the food and can easily find the food and water. Do not have them on a slippery surface or they will get splayed legs. The more stable surface also helps any curved toes straighten out quicker. Peafowl can flutter up out of a box so make sure you have a cover on their box.

FOOD: When chicks arrive make sure they are eating. dip their beaks into the food and water. MAKE SURE TO GET NON MEDICATED FLOCK RAISER CRUMBLES FOR FOOD… DO NOT FEED MEDICATED CHICKEN CHICK STARTER TO A PEAFOWL. You can feed medicated gamebird starter or non medicated chick starter that is at least 20% protein. No more than 28% protein. *Then feed 19 to 20% as adults. Chicks and adults like treats such as fruit, vegis, mealworms, and crickets. You should also have grit available throughout their life and when laying eggs you should have oyster shell available. You can give protein high snacks if you want to give more protein such as cat food and mealworms.

CHICK SEEMS WEAK: Check to make sure temp is correct under heat lamp where chicks keep warm, also that they can get away from the heat if needed. You can give your chick Gatorade or something else with sugar and electrolytes to give them energy. If chick is real weak you may need to use a dropper. Some shipped chicks can get weak along the trip. Best thing you can do is keep them warm and get  water and “sugar” into their system. Most of the tie they bounce right back.

CHICK HAS CROOKED TOES: Many chicks are hatched with toes that are not straight and it can  take a few days for the toes to straighten out. If your chick still has crooked toes when you receive it you need to look up how to straighten crooked chick toes on youtube. It is a simple tape splint you change daily for a few days. Just make sure chick can still get to food and water with the splints on. Call me if you need advice.

Is shipping chicks safe? Freshly hatched Chicks do not need food or water for at least 72 hrs from hatch and many due fine even longer than that. Shipping express USPS day-old chicks helps ensure a safe arrival since they will usually be just 2 or 3 days old when you receive them. Our packaging is professional with a brand new chick shipping box, grow gel to snack on, and nesting material. Chicks have been shipped this way for many years.

* Chicks Shipping Cost: $70 Shipping Express 1-2 Day Shipping for sending a box of chicks via USPS. Professional packaging and insurance for cost of chicks is included with the cost of shipping. USPS insurance claims for damaged, lost, or DOA chicks is solely the responsibility of the buyer. I will text or email you a photo of your receipts. OPEN BOX AT POST OFFICE. If chicks are hurt or dead tell them to take note of it. And then you need to immediately take photos of the box contents and outside along with stickers on outside, take pics of the damage or losses, and any receipts and invoices, and then go ONLINE TO FILE A INSURANCE CLAIM with USPS. Rembmber to only ask for the cost of the actual losses or your claim might be denied. I am here for you if you need help with your online claim filing. Thanks, Tina

Website to make your USPS Insurance claim:


Payment: First call for availability and then fill out form at below link and click submit.



Payment is due immediately for an order, and that gets you on our order list, you maybe waiting a little while for your eggs and or chicks so ask if you have questions. If later in year you maybe receiving your order following spring/summer. All payments are not refundable.

If you are wanting current chicks that need to be shipped you should pay a way that is immediate such as Zelle, bank wire, or paypal. otherwise  mailing payment is 2 wks. No chicks are reserved until payment clears.

I accept: 1. ZELLE, which is through your bank and is totally free, send to my phone number: 816-682-0265 … Kristina Jordan 2. check and money orders mailed to me, in which nothing is ever reserved until payment clears the bank, which is 10 business days from me putting it in the bank, text me for my address. 3. bank wires but add $15 to your order for wire fee, text for wire info. 4. Paypal but add 3.5 percent of amount sending for paypal’s fee, my paypal is jordanfarms@yahoo.com  5. Cash Only if coming to pick up in person. We live near Archie, MO.

Shipping in lower 48 states in US only.

Below you can see most colors we get. We also have Sonja’s Violeta and Sonja’s Violeta Pied and white that is split to Violeta that is not in the following chart. This is a very rare new color that is more mahagony black in shade and deep ocean blues that blend into dark teal and aqua green. It in my opinion has an off deep ocean blue-aqua tint in full lite but more of a mahogany purple black undertone. It is a color that is best seen in person.

Pics below of a violeta cock are from George Conner. Rest in peace George, You will be very much missed.

Here are some more photos to compare the different colors. As you can see in the photos the lighting and totally change the color. Purples look Royal blue in some light and purple in other light. Same can be said for Sonja Violetta coloring.

Here is a Purple in setting sun:

BELOW: young Loud Pied India Blue Male

BELOW is a young Pied Sonja Violetta Cock: