Here on the farm we love to make country crafts. My teenage daughter makes these crafts on her own. These are hand made works of art and so are each unique and different and therefor there are no exchanges or returns on these items. Each piece is made with love and took hours for my teenage daughter Lily to create. Sow lines may not be perfect but that adds to the down home country charm of each piece. Shipping is a flat rate but if you buy more than one you might be able to combine in one shipment if you don’t mind the wait to create all your items. Since these are hand made please allow a few weeks before shipping.  If you have a certain color or design you would like to see if Lily could make for you feel free to contact us.


I also have found many unique and useful items I have found to be useful or just so darn CUTE that I have decided to offer them for sale here on this page.

This page is under construction…