Family operated and located in Garden City, MO

We were born to farm… Our farmstead is on about 130 acres in rural Missouri. We enjoy this life very much, and so offer the fruits of our labors so you can enjoy a little piece of the farm life as well. We have Peafowl in a variety of colors available, We breed white and blond emus, We also have beef cattle available. Right now beef prices are at a premium so it is a good idea to buy a weaned calf to raise up for your own beef. We have calves for sale throughout the year. If you like red meat like a nice beef steak, you might be interested in our Emu. Emu is a healthier red meat option. They are also bred for their oil, feathers, and eggs, being 95% usable. We do take deposits for our eggs and chicks. We welcome visitors out to our farm to see where your purchase is coming from. Take a look at our site and contact me if you have questions on anything at all you see on here. Thank you, Tina – Jordan Family Farms